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wyodak production coal

  • UP: Jacobs Ranch

    Coal production at Jacobs Ranch mine began in 1978. By the end of 1996 over 283 million tons had been mined. Approximately 3,400 acres of federally-owned sub-bituminous coal are under lease. The coal appears in three seams: the Upper Wyodak, Middle Wyodak and Lower Wyodak. A shovel-truck method is used to mine the coal.

  • Black Hills Corp. closes coal unit at Wyodak Neil Simpson ...

    The retirement of the 22-megawatt Neil Simpson 1, one of five coal units at the Wyodak Neil Simpson complex, had long been planned. All eight of the unit's full-time employees were transferred ...

  • WYODAK RES. DEV. CORP. v. STATE BOARD | Wyo. | Judgment ...

    DOCKET NO. No. 99-251. JUDGES MACY, Justice. ATTORNEY(S) Representing Appellant: Timothy L. Thomas of Morrill Thomas Nooney Braun, LLP, Rapid City, South Dakota Representing Appellee: Vicci Colgan, Chief Deputy Attorney General; Rowena L. Heckert, Deputy Attorney General; and Karl D. Anderson, Assistant Attorney General

  • Black Hills Corporation - Wikipedia

    In 1956, the company completed its acquisition of the Wyodak Coal Company (now Wyodak Resources Development Corporation), from the Homestake Mining Company, setting the stage for the company's significant investments in mining, oil and gas.

    large print Paleotectonic controls and its relationship to.

    Gas production from the Wyodak coal is controlled by the segmentation and coal thickness variability of the Wyodak coal swamp relative to these paleo-lineaments.

  • Anaerobic bioprocessing of Wyodak (USA) coal | Request PDF

    Extensive structure reactivity studies of Wyodak coal have revealed that carboxy groups and ether linkages are the predominant oxygen functionalities of this coal.

  • Strontium isotopes as indicators of aquifer communication ...

    Strontium isotopes as indicators of aquifer communication in an area of coal bed natural gas production, Powder River Basin, Wyoming ... indicate that the Upper Wyodak coal-zone aquifer in the Gillette and Schoonover areas in the eastern Powder ... from adjacent aquifers and hence water production will be limited to the coal. Communication between

  • Mike Abbenhaus - Production Technician - Wyodak Resources ...

    Production Technician at Wyodak Resources Development. Location Gillette, Wyoming Industry Mining & Metals ... MSHA and Surface Mine Forman certified in the state of Wyoming and skilled in Coal ...

  • Cordero Rojo Mine — Cloud Peak Energy

    The Cordero Rojo Mine is located approximately 25 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming. The mine extracts thermal coal from the Wyodak Seam, which ranges from approximately 55 to 70 feet in thickness.

  • NEWS RELEASE: WSGS Publishes Report on Groundwater ...

    WSGS Publishes Report on Groundwater Recovery from Coalbed Natural Gas Development ... is related to the hydrologic properties of an aquifer and the amount of water pumped out of a coalbed during peak production. The WSGS study examined the Upper Wyodak coal zone of the Powder River Basin in .

    Table 5. Coal Production and Coalbed Thickness by Major ...

    * Includes mines with production of less than 25,000 short tons, which are not required to provide data, and refuse recovery. 1 The coalbed ID number is a unique code assigned by EIA to each correlated coalbed or to coal-bearing geologic formations, coal groups, or coal zones. See Coalbed name discussion in note below.

  • Active Wyoming Coal Mine Statistics - Google Sheets

    2015 Wyo state mine inspector production (tons) 2016 MSHA production (tons) 2016 Wyo state mine inspector production (tons) County: Employees (2012) Employees (2013) Employees (2014) Employees (2015) Employees (2016) BTU/lb (EIA Q2 2014 delivery data avg.) Ash % (As received) Sulfur % (As received) Moisture % (As received) Source of coal ...

  • Do We Need Coal To Keep The Lights On? | Inside Energy

    The Wyodak power plant, on the outskirts of Gillette, Wyoming. Earlier this year, on a conference call with investors, the head of one of the nation's largest coal companies .

  • US Coal Production - Educating Global Leaders

    US Coal Production 2014. US Coal Production 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 350,000 400,000 450,000 Thousand Short Tons US Coal Production 2014. ... WYODAK 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 PYROLYSIS TEMPERATURE, °C MASS FRACTION OF COAL EVOLVED MASS FRACTION OF COAL NITROGEN EVOLVE

  • Black Hills Corporation | Encyclopedia

    Wyodak mined low sulfur sub-bituminous coal from the Powder River Basin near Gillette, Wyoming. Western Production, operator of 277 oil and gas wells during the mid-1990s, produced and explored for oil and gas in the Rocky Mountain region, Texas, and California .

  • APPLICANT NAME: Devon Energy Production Company, LP

    the Wyodak coal seam. There are eight outfalls in this permit. NUMBER: WY0041394 This permit has been renewed in accordance with current WYPDES permitting requirements. All permit effluent limits and monitoring requirements have been updated in accordance with current WDEQ regulations and policy.

  • Wyodak Resources Development Corp. v. U.S. | NEIL GORSUCH ...

    Wyodak operates the Wyodak Mine, a large surface coal mine in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. As a surface mine operator, Wyodak is subject to SMCRA. To further its goal of restoring mined land, SMCRA created the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund ("the Fund"), which exists on the books of the United States Treasury, but is administered by the Secretary of the Interior. 30 U.S.C. § 1231.

  • Devon Energy Production Company,

    Devon Energy Production Co., L.P. (Devon) would like to renew permit number WY0040223 and combine it with WY0047112. This is an Option 2 NPDES permit allowing year round discharge of Wyodak coal seam

  • Black Hills Corp. Lays Off 11 at Wyodak Coal Mine ...

    The Wyodak mine was expected to produce 4.5 million tons of coal this year after producing 5.6 million tons last year. Production at the mine has been 3.1 million tons so far this year. View the ...

  • Sulfur and ash in Paleocene Wyodak-Anderson coal in the ...

    This coal bed/zone alone produced 262 million short toms of >26% of the total US coal production in 1996. Based on the current consumption rates of coal and a forecast by the EIA (1996), the Wyodak-Anderson coals are projected to produce an additional 153 million short tons a year by the year 2016.

  • Campbell County, Wyoming | WyoHistory

    Coal, railroads and oil have helped make Campbell County, Wyo., the second wealthiest county in the state, and the county's coal mines are the largest in the world. Though coal production has begun to fall slightly in recent years, mining continues to be

  • Direct Liquefaction of Two Subbituminous Coals Using KOH ...

    Samples from both coals were obtained from the Penn State Coal Sample Bank and Database, where Rosebud coal is from Rosebud seam, Rosebud County, Montana, USA and Wyodak-Anderson coal is from Wyodak seam, Campbell County, Wyoming, USA. The experiments were conducted in a one-liter, high-pressure, high-temperature agitated autoclave.

  • Massive machinery at work in the open-pit Wyodak coal mine ...

    Massive machinery at work in the open-pit Wyodak coal mine in the coal-rich Powder River Basin outside Gillette, Wyoming Contributor Names Highsmith, Carol M., 1946-, photographer ... Credit line: Gates Frontiers Fund Wyoming Collection within the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

  • Final Pollution-cutting Rules for Three Wyo. Coal Plants ...

    After operating for many years without sufficient smokestack pollution controls for soot- and smog-producing nitrogen oxides, the Jim Bridger, Laramie River, and Wyodak coal-fired power plants will be required to update with modern pollution-cutting technology under a decision finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • The Concise Guide to Wyoming Coal

    Concise Guide to Wyoming Coal The. 2 Wyoming's coal industry in 2010 ... coal production is quite simply because this is where the resource is located. Other areas of the country ... Wyodak Resources Develop. Corp. Wyodak Mine 121 6,016,063 Carbon County .

  • Powder River Wyodak CBM unconventional play | Wood .

    The Wyodak play, located in the Powder River Basin, is one of the largest producing CBM areas in the US Lower 48. The Wyodak-Anderson coals on the eastern flank of the play were the initial focus for development of CBM, but in recent years, interest has moved west .

  • Encyclopedia of the Great Plains | COAL

    The Powder River Coal Region of northeastern Wyoming and southwestern Montana contains North America's thickest and most extensive low-sulfur coal seams, including the seventy-foot-thick Wyodak seam, and the region's 269 million–ton production accounts for 70 percent of Plains production and 23 percent of combined U.S.-Canadian production.

  • Wyodak mine gets coal price increase under new contract ...

    Although Black Hills did not release production figures, Wyodak produced about 1.083 million st in the latest quarter, up from about 1.063 million st a year earlier, according to US Mine Safety and Health Administration figures. Black Hills' coal mining division posted Q3 earnings of $2.6 million, up from $2.2 million the same quarter a year ago.


    toxic substances from coal combustion--a comprehensive assessment, phase ii: element modes of occurrence for the ohio 5/6/7, wyodak and north dakota coal samples

  • Pacificorp Wyodak Power Plant at Gillette, WY™

    Environmental profile of Pacificorp Wyodak Power Plant. Pacificorp Wyodak Power Plant is located at 48 Wyodak Rd, Gillette WY, 82718. ... using coal as the plant?s primary fuel, based on maximum heat input. ... food, drugs, cosmetics and pesticides. TSCA addresses the production, importation, use, and disposal of specific chemicals including ...

  • Improved Adsorption Models for Coalbed Methane .

    Illinois #6, Wyodak, Pocahontas #3, Beulah Zap, and Upper Freeport coal samples. The The measurements were conducted at 328.2 K (131°F) and pressures of 13.8 MPa (2000 psia).

  • In the United States Court of Federal Claims

    The question before the court is whether the United States Office of Surface Mining. Reclamation and Enforcement ("OSM") improperly assessed reclamation fees on coal, alleged to. be lignite coal, produced at the Wyodak Mine near Gillette, Wyoming, at the higher rates. applicable to .

    Depositional models for two Tertiary coal-bearing ...

    Study of these relationships within sedimentary sequences associated with the Wyodak-Anderson (Palaeocene) and the Felix (Eocene) sub-bituminous coal beds in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, USA suggests two modes of fluvially controlled peat accumulation.