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how much is copper wire worth per pound 2012 ontario

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  • 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Scrapping Metal - iScrap .

    If you don't sort your scrap then the scrap yard owner will classify all of your scrap as the least valuable in the load. Think about it – if you have a ton of #1 Bare Bright Wire with a few strips of #2 Copper Tubing/Wire mixed in then you can easily be paid the price for #2 Copper Tubing for the whole load.

  • 21 Extraordinary Copper Theft Statistics

    Between 2010-2012, there were over 32,000 incidents of copper theft. With copper prices at $3.00 per pound, there is a lot of incentive to find more metal and thieves are willing to .

  • Wire Weight Table - Indwisco

    Manufacturers of Low Carbon & Stainless Steel Bar & Wire supplying customers across Canada & the USA since 1973

    Quick Tip: What's the difference between Copper #1 and ...

    The copper wire is thicker than 1/16" (14 gauge and thicker). A good rule of thumb is if the copper wire is thicker than a pencil lead, it is considered #1 copper. The pricing on Copper #1 at this moment (subject to change) is $2.85 per pound.

  • copper transformer scrap price

    Apr 04, 2012· The last #1 that I took to the scrap place got me $3.87 per pound had just stripped out a vari tap transformer, there was about 135 #s of copper in there and 700 #s of iron and steel, it was worth the 5 1/2 hours to strip it.

  • Best Prices for Scrap Metals Hamilton | Metal Rates ...

    We offer competitive prices for scrap metals in Hamilton. Contact us to schedule regular collection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Copper Bullion Bars & Rounds - Best Prices | JM Bullion™

    You can often purchase copper bullion bars and rounds at around $1 per ounce while more collectible pieces like bullets go for slightly higher prices. Bullion Designs JM Bullion is pleased to offer customers some exciting products of copper bullion.

    How to Sell Scrap Copper Wire - Trustway Metal

    How to sell scrap copper wire? It could be said that Copper is a scrapping mans gold. While effectively much cheaper than gold, copper is most certainly in more abundance. When it comes to scrapping metal, there is very little that is more profitable than to sell scrap copper.

  • Copper Prices - 45 Year Historical Chart | MacroTrends

    Copper Prices - 45 Year Historical Chart. Interactive chart of historical daily COMEX copper prices back to 1971. The price shown is in U.S. Dollars per pound. The current price of copper as of January 09, 2019 is $2.66 per pound.

  • How to Sell Copper Wire | Chron

    Grade one copper wire is clean and has no paint, varnish or any other alterations. Recycling centers pay the most for grade one wire and the least for grade three. 2.

  • What is the price of scrap copper in Chicago?

    No 1 bare brite copper wire is around $3 per pound No 1 copper wire scrap is around $2.87 per pound Update for June 1 2011 these are some average prices for variousscrap copp ... Currently March 2012 - prices are as follows: No. 1 Copper$3.25 No. 2 Copper$3.10 No. 3 Copper$2.95 Ins #1 Copper$2.05 check online scrap metal prices for more info ...

  • Scrap copper prices in Canada | Scrap Copper Toronto

    Scrap Copper Prices in Canada. As a general rule in the scrap metal industry, the quality of scrap dictates the price per pound. And when it comes to scrap copper prices, the quality, or grade, of the scrap is especially important.

  • Metals & Prices - Windsor Metal & Battery

    Metals & Prices We price on current market pricing and offer easy quick in and out service that puts CASH IN YOUR HAND, in a clean environment. Together we can have a cleaner greener world.

  • What is the price per pound of scrap copper in Texas?

    scrap copper prices in michigan are as follows as of April 3 2012, prices below are in USD per pound No. 1 Copper$3.25 No. 2 Copper$3.10 No. 3 Copper$2.95 Ins #1 Copper.

  • Buy Copper Bars - Free Shipping & Lowest Prices ...

    Like Gold and Silver, Copper is a precious earth metal that carries intrinsic and variable value. Because of its esthetic appeal, and inherent and variable value, copper is now included in many precious metals investment portfolios. Provident Metals offers a variety of designs on 1 oz, 1 pound, 2 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound copper bars.

  • scrapregister - Scrap Metal Prices

    Metal*;Price*, Scrap Metal Prices for Aluminium Scrap, Tin Scrap, Tin Products, Copper Scrap, Steel, Nickel, Copper, Tin, Zinc,Gold, Scrap Buyers Suppliers Directory, Buy Recycled Products Of Metal, Scrap Items, Alloys, Scrap Metal Directory, Titanium Scrap, Stainless Steel, Lme Metal Prices, Recycle Metal, Metal Recyclers, Scrap Buyers,metals ...

  • Current Price Sheets - Southwire

    Note: Canadian Copper Building Wire, Aluminum Wire and Teck90 pricing have moved. /images/buttons/Pricesheet_button.jpg Current Price Sheets PriceSheetIndex.htm

  • Selling old electrical wire

    May 19, 2007· Not as valuable as copper do they have any worth as well ? Remove Advertisements. Sponsored Links ... Bare wire is worth more as scrap than wire with the insulation left on it. ... Do as MacBook Pro suggests and get the prices for scrap steel and scrap wire. Just haul it off to the highest per kilo bidder. May 18th, 2007, 09:26 PM ...

  • Bluedog Wire Stripper™ | Best Automatic Wire Stripping ...

    If you need to recycle copper wire, Bluedog wire strippers™ has the best automatic wire stripping machines on the market. ... Michael Allard - North Bay, Ontario. We bought the BWS-80 from Bluedog Wire Strippers. We use it on a regular basis and it is a top notch machine. We are very happy with our purchase. TraceMyIP.

  • Scrap Metal Prices Denver – Golden Recycling

    – price of copper per pound – sell scrap metal – recycle copper – brass recycling – non ferrous scrap metal – copper prices – metal prices ... – recycle copper wire – recycled copper prices. Post navigation. Scrap metal Oklahoma. Computer Recycling . Recent Posts.

  • List of Things You Can Sell at the Recycling Center ...

    Scrap copper is often worth even more than steel. According to Metal Prices, scrap copper values range from $2.73 to $2.83 per pound as of June 2010. Look for scrap copper in the form of wires, air conditioning coils, electronics components or plumbing pipes and connectors.

  • Peel Scrap Metal: scrap metal recycling, scrap wire ...

    So you want to make extra money - We purchase scrap metal, scrap wire, electrical disposal - So bring us your old scrap metal, ... lb is the abbreviation for pound. NT is the abbreviation for Net Ton(2000 pounds). ... Peel Scrap Metal Recycling Ltd.

  • Copper Pricing Update, Copper Wire Suppliers, Electrical ...

    Over the course of a month there could be a drastic change in the price of copper, per pound, which affects the pricing of copper electrical wire. If you have a solid piece of Gold worth $2000 it may be worth more or less tomorrow when the price changes. Copper is very similar. If you have copper wire worth $500 today it may change tomorrow. 2.

  • The WireMan - Miscellaneous Wire Products pricing

    Part # Solid Copper and Copper Ribbon : Price per foot: EACH: 100'+ 500'+ 1000'+ 615: 2" x 0.020" soft bare copper ribbon, for station, marine, etc. RF and safety grounding purposes.

    Scrap Copper Prices | Scrap Copper Prices

    Less than truckload or LTL pricing is generally about USD $0.15 per pound less. Projections by the London Metal Exchange are predicting a further rise in scrap copper up to nearly USD $4.00 per pound.

  • AWG Copper Wire Size Table and Data Chart @ 100 Degrees F ...

    AWG Copper Wire Table Size and Data Chart @ 100 Degrees F The American Wire Gauge (AWG) measurement system was designed with a purpose: for every three steps in the gauge scale, wire area (and weight per unit length) approximately doubles.

  • Metal theft - Wikipedia

    Metal theft is "the theft of items for the value of their constituent ... (3 mi) of disused rail track, causing at least 200,000 euros worth of damage. In June 2012, a semi-burnt man was found after midnight beneath a street in or near Wilhelmsburg, Germany. At a nearby ... With copper prices at $3.70 a pound .

    Scrap Metal Prices - Metalary

    Aluminum cans may only cost $0.33 a pound, while aluminum wheels may fetch up to $0.50 a pound. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and more steel is .

  • StripMeister Wire Stripping Machine - The Ultimate ...

    Get the ultimate automatic wire stripping machine today with free shipping and extra blade! ... Strips most types of copper and aluminum wires up to 1000mcm (0.11" to 1.4" Dia.) Rated 5.00 out of 5. ... Ontario L7M 1T4, Canada Phone 1-800-681-8494. Reseller Information. Web Affiliate Program.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling in Franklin County PA | Aluminum ...

    New and used truck parts and auto parts, automotive supplies, scrap metal recycling, roll-off container services in Waynesboro, PA, Franklin County. Serving Franklin County PA, Waynesboro, Greencastle, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Hanover, and York, Pennsylvania and beyond.

  • Current Scrap Metal Pricing, CMC Recycling Independence

    WE WILL BUY ALL OF YOUR SCRAP METAL! CMC Recycling in Independence is a full-service metals recycler that welcomes all commercial and industrial businesses, brokers, dealers and individuals looking to sell their scrap metal. We work closely with each of our customers to determine your scrap management requirements and how best to serve you.

  • Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound | Copper - Aluminum - Steel ...

    We strive to ensure our scrap metal prices per pound (lb) are the best prices you will find in any scrap metal yard in your state. If you are interested in purchasing a detailed list of all the scrap metal prices per pound from your local scrap yards then please email us at [email protected] - Upon receipt of your email we will reply with the complete list.

  • Scrap Copper Prices - Canada

    Insulated Copper Wire. Insulated Copper Wire shall consist of plastic insulated unalloyed, uncoated (plated) copper wire, with the copper wire not smaller than 16 gauge (B&S).

  • Scrap Metal Prices - Metalary

    View the latest scrap metal prices including valuable information such as what it's used for, scrap metal as investment, and its price history. ... Price Per Lb. Copper & Brass #1 Bare Bright Wire: $2.00 #1 Copper Tubing/Flashing: $1.62 #2 Copper Tubing/Bus Bar: $1.51 #3 Roofing Copper ... The 2012 estimate is that up to 88% of all steel is ...