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basf flocculant mixing system

  • Flocculant and Reagent Dosing Systems

    FLOCCULANT AND REAGENT DOSING SYSTEMS. OUR EQUIPMENT. Aeration Pads. Air Slides & Accessories. Bucket Elevators. ... SYSTEM EXAMPLES. CONTACT US. ... Flocculant powder requires special attention to the dry handling as many of these products are hygroscopic and some are dusty as well. Techmatic's experience with dry handling and filtration goes ...

  • Polymer Flocculant Mixing And Dissolving System, And ...

    The present invention relates to a polymer flocculant mixing and dissolving system and a method for mixing and dissolving a polymer flocculant that can produce a polymer flocculant solution in a short period of time using low power, and particularly to a technique for dissolving a solid polymer ...

  • Modelling the impact of two different flocculants on the ...

    Notable differences between the formulation presented above and that of pertain to the definition and use of a mixing index. In the present work, the ratio of adsorbed flocculant over the saturation value is used as a representation of how well mixed is the system.

  • Flocculant Mixing System - TradeIndia

    Promix online mixing: Product description: The system is a best solution for any mixing application. Compare to conventional mixing by using stirrer /agitator is a old fashioned technology, which is not cost effective and consumes more energy compare to PROMIX SYSTEM.

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    MSDS Search Welcome to the BASF MSDS search for the region North America. By entering your search criteria we will check our database and provide you the documents you are looking for.

  • Dry Flocculant Mixing and Feeding Design Considerations ...

    7) Flocculant solutions typically provide best performance at ≤ 0.1% concentrations. To optimize flocculant mixing system sizing, flocculant solutions are often designed to be mixed to 0.25-0.50% maximum concentration.

  • Sustainability : BASF SE

    BASF and Solenis to join forces by combining paper and water chemicals businesses. ... High-performance and environmental friendly flocculants for waste water treatment . Sustainability Solution.

  • Flocculant Injection Packages

    downstream injection pumps-discharge up to mixing chamber - fluid handled: ; - design pressure: 690 kpag (100 psi ); - design temperature: max 39 deg c, normal 15 deg.c, min 15 deg c; - operating pressure: rated 591 kpa (85.7 psi ); - operating temperature: max 39 deg c, normal 15 deg.c, min 15 deg c; - test pressure: 1034 kpag (150 psi).

  • Waste Water Automatic Flocculant Chemical Dosing System

    Flocculant Dosing System, Automatic Dosing System, Polymer Dosing Unit manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Waste Water Automatic Flocculant Chemical Dosing System, Package Wastewater Treatment Plant for Industrial Sewage Treatment, Package Sewage Treatment Plant for Industrial Waste Water Treatment and so on.


    The flocculant mixing plant is designed to mix solid grade polymer flocculants with water to provide dilute solutions. The dilute flocculant would normally be dosed in to the flowline by a positive displacement, infinitely variable speed, peristaltic pump. The size of pump required will depend upon the site requirements.

  • Glasurit RATIO-TRUCK-System - XENTRY Portal

    Glasurit RATIO-TRUCK-System Mercedes Benz painting manual ... 06/2013. Contents BASF Coatings , Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Europe, Glasuritstrasse 1, 48165 Münster, Germany 06.2013 Painting manual Edition 06.2013 ... 90-M+A Glasurit mixing base concentrates for the mixing system 90-VE Glasurit Deionised Water AZ90-0101 Clears

  • 17008-Brochure Ang ok - SNF Holding Company

    The type of bonds between the destabilized particles and the flocculant are mainly ionic bonds and hydrogen bonds. 1.2.4. Flocculants: Amongst the 800 different flocculants of the FLOPAM"Range, two main categories of flocculants can be distinguished: 1 - Anionic and Non-Ionic f locculants tha t bring nega tive (-) char ges to the media.

  • Flocculation,Flocculation Process,Uses of Flocculation Process

    Flocculation - a process utilized in water treatment operations like purification of drinking water,sewage water treatment,storm water treatment & treatment of industrial waste water streams ... Electrodeionization (EDI) System : De ionizers : High-efficiency thickener : Coarse granule Separator : ... In the flocculation process, flocculants ...

  • Stormwater Best Management Practice: Polymer Flocculation

    Stormwater Best Management Practice. Polymer Flocculation . Cancelled set by skip ragsdale. ... system for a larger project. Soil Surface Applications—3 examples. ... mixing the polymer flocculant with the turbid stormwater. The ditch is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) sections ...

  • Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix & Feed Systems - Mainland ...

    Mainland Machinery / Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix & Feed Systems. ... With two basic designs (D100 & D300), the Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix and Feed System covers a wide capacity of mixing flocculant solutions, ranging from small to large customized systems.

  • flocculant gold mining

    BASF's Rheomax® DR range of flocculants create a high density and more robust including Alumina, Copper, Nickel, Gold, Iron Ore, Mineral Sands, Oil Sands ... a historic underground mine 72km north Flocculant feed flow is proportional to the flow of water into the clarifier system. ... mixing of the polymer .. aggregation in the total number of ...

  • Flocculant Bulk Density (kg/m3): Dry Flocculant Mix per Batch (kg): Dry Flocculant Consumption Rate (g/t ore): Flocculant Solution Mix Strength (%w/w): Flocculant Solution Dosing Strength (%w/w): Wetted Flocculant Aging Time (min) Dry Flocculant Supply Container Size (kg) ): Feed Hopper Capacity (kg): Mixing Tank Capacity (m3) live:

  • Process Water Treatment : BASF SE

    Process Water Treatment: Protect your investment. BASF is dedicated to ensuring that all plants and processes that utilize water are able to operate at peak efficiency.

  • Paint-related products for commercial vehicles | Glasurit

    Based on its long-term experience in the refinish business, BASF created a streamlined and user-friendly portfolio of paint-related products geared to the needs of Glasurit ® customers – RODIM ®. The portfolio features products such as tack rags, masking paper, interior .

  • Water Soluble Polymers For Industrial Water Treatment ...

    Flocculants zAre available in all charge types and densities. zPossess a molecular weight > 1,000,000. zMolecular weights can be as high as 20,000,000. zProduces strong flocs that are resistant to sheering.

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment | Hawkins Inc.

    Municipal Wastewater Treatment with BASF's water treatment products - Zetag®, Magnafloc® LT, Burst®, Magnasol® and Antiprex® brands. ... Improve process efficiencies and system reliability; ... BASF's waste water treatment chemicals include flocculants and coagulants especially designed for the solid/liquid separation in industrial and ...

    Product Range - BTC Europe

    Equipment is available for storage, mixing, dosing and process control for a wide range of applications and, if desired, a complete turnkey operation to ensure optimization of process effi ciencies.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant Automatic Chemical mixing dosing ...

    The PE mixing dosing system is consisted of plastic tank and mixer for liquid, tank body, it is Rotomolding a molding tank which adopting imported PE raw material. Preinstall metering pump and mixer installation site, mixer,dosing tank,metering pump three in one, convenient to use. The product is tough, flexible, anti-impact and corrosion-resistant.

  • Flocculation of aqueous kaolin suspension using a ...

    Flocculation of aqueous kaolin suspension using a biodegradable flocculant system of poly (vinyl alcohol) ... The polymer blends were prepared by mixing 0.1 mass% of PVA with 0.1 mass% of NG. ... (to develop a green flocculant system).

  • mining best flocculant dosing systems suppliers - Mineral ...

    Sep 04, 2016· Flocculant Reagent agitation tank/mixing mining agitator tank equipment . Energy Saving Flocculent agitation tank for chemical mixing with good price .. Water system price with dosing waste flocculant stainless steel tanks.

  • Coagulants and Flocculants for Wastewater Treatment ...

    Used as all-purpose flocculants particularly effective on inorganic streams. FL-pos: A class of cationic solid and liquid acrylamides with high, medium and low charges and weights. Used as flocculants in various applications and particularly effective on organic or biological applications.

  • Coagulation & Flocculation systems - Nijhuis Industries

    Coagulation & Flocculation systems . ... dispersions and heavy metals from the wastewater by adding coagulant, flocculant or precipitant. Flocculator, type i-PFR: Pipe flocculator, designed for effective mixing of chemicals with wastewater and equipped with special mixing pipes. Chemical dosing units, type CDU: Skid mounted chemical dosing ...

  • Impressive synergy effects - BASF

    Impressive synergy effects. BASF raw materials for industrial solvent-based mixing systems. BASF offers the world's broadest portfolio of raw materials for the paint ... the mixing system is the more flexible and economic solution. In this system, multiple pigment dispersions are mixed into a white, colored or transparent ...


    Mar 26, 2015· EP 821 704 discloses water soluble cationic copolymers comprising a reaction product of N-vinylamides with diallyl ammonium chloride derivatives or acrylic esters bearing an ammonium groups or vinyl pyridine and their use as flocculants and drainage retention aids.

  • Flocculant Make-Up System (Auto Jet Wet)

    Home >> Turnkey Engineering Services >> Flocculant Make-Up System (Auto Jet Wet). Flocculant Make-Up System (Auto Jet Wet) The flocculant make-up system is a self-contained unit that enables the efficient mixing and/or storage of chemicals.

  • High Capacity Flocculant Systems - Resources Water Technology

    One tank provides flocculant dosing to the process, while the other tanks function as hydrating and flocculant mixing tanks. Dosing tank low level causes the automatic valves to switch tank function. The previous hydration tank now performs flocculant dosing while the previous mixing and dosing tanks switch to hydration and filling respectively completing the sequencing of the flocculant system.